Celine Claire Cosmetic has incorporated new twist on hair color using a strong-hold wax. Not only does this product provide some conditioning to the hair, but the Blue Caviar also Aqua Styling Wax allows for the hair to be temporarily dyed. The was allows for you to turn your hair into a beautiful shade of ocean blue. With its color pigment, your hair glows with a brilliant appearance and vibrant color. The color wax is not harmful to your hair and could be removed by rinsing your hair in water. This formulation is alcohol free and vegan!

Key Features of the Blue Caviar Aqua Styling Wax

  • Vibrant colors to mix into your hair
  • Wax formula with strong-hold styling ability
  • Rinses out instantly
  • Long-lasting shine
  • Delivers great volume
  • Excellent quality and flake-free
  • Refreshing fragrance


How to use

Apply wax with your fingers to the hair. Apply equally to all areas you want to cover.

The application of the colour is a process that is super easy and non-damaging. 

The Blue Caviar Aqua Styling Wax is super easy to use, but it can get quite messy. We recommended using pair of gloves for application and wearing a salon apron to keep the mess to a minimum.

Depending on your hair’s length and type, you’ll want to work in sections, as that will ensure you get even coverage all over (coarser hair may need more product, whereas finer hair will need less). This product is best applied to freshly washed hair. Once the hair is washed and you can begin to apply the wax to damp hair. One thing to keep in mind is you don’t need to apply a lot of wax to achieve a color payoff. The pigments are bright, but you can build colour brightness with different amounts of application. Try not to over-apply as this can cause flaking. After applying, go back over some spots that that you wanted to highlight for an extra pop of aqua blue. Let hair dry naturally or use a hair diffuser.


How Long Does It Last? 

This product has buildable coverage. The hair color typically lasts for up to four days with little retouching needed. If you need to re-touch the edges use a small amount of water to spread the colour out evenly. If you do decide to fully touch up your color, use as little product as possible to avoid flaking.


How Do You Rinse It Out? 

Consumers might wonder if it takes an extra effort to rinse away the wax, and the answer is no. However, you'll want to incorporate buildup-busting products like the Celine Claire Hydrating Shampoo to loosen up the wax and pigment, followed by the Celine Claire Hydrating Conditioner to clarify and remove excess buildup.

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