Celine Claire Curl Essence

Celine Claire Curl Essence has been a long-time love for curly girls and guys because of its unique ability to shape and hold textured hair. A good curl cream will coat your strands with a thin film that smooths cuticles and prevents hair from tangling. The new Celine Claire Curl Essence will evenly coat the hair and allow the locks to move past each other while maintaining their definition. Also, because the curl cream adds a spring to curls, it will amp up the volume on the parts of your hair that bend. Look for products that contain vitamins and oils to boost strength. Argan Oil and Vitamin E for example, can act to strengthen strands while improving hair elasticity to help waves look their best.

This wave-specific curl cream will contain the right number of oils and nourishing elements to keep frizz at bay. Frizzy hair occurs when hydrogen bonds are reconfigured in the hair, causing hair to fold itself back and fray. In other words, when the chemical bonds in your hair are negatively impacted, they can become dry or damaged, what we see as frizz. The secret is reparative care that penetrates and protects the hair shaft. To prevent frizz, start by washing and conditioning hair with products formulated for your unique hair type. Apply curl cream to wet hair, moving up and down strands for maximum impact. Make sure you use the right amount of curl cream, too little and it won’t spread evenly, too much, and it will become too oily. When your hair dries, you’ll have smooth locks that stand up to humidity and dryness.

This product is perfect for customers who are looking for a serum that can nourish hair while styling it at the same time. This curly hair essence is a solution for limp, droopy, and flat hair. Did you recently have your hair permed? This product is the perfect daily maintenance product to help your curls stay in shape post-perm. Many people are hesitant about using hairspray or hair gel, thinking that they may make hair look crunchy. This produce does not crunch, flake, or get hard. Your hair does not lose its volume and the curls remain bouncy.


  1. A small amount goes a long way, so start with a little. You can always add more. A penny size in the palm of your hand's a good place to start.
  2. Rub your hands together to warm the oil and apply using your fingers to the lengths of your hair.
  3. Give your hair a tussle and you're good to go!

Every curl is different, from one curly head to another, and even from one curl to another on one head. One thing every curl does have in common, however, is a need to be moisturized. 

Do not forget to follow up with one of the many fantastic Celine Claire shampoos and conditioners. When using this product always follow-up using a rinse out conditioner. This is a good way to maintain moisture in your hair and keep it healthy.

Here are some styling tips on how to get the most out your Curl Essence.

  • Section your hair off into 3-5 sections depending on your length.
  • Work the leave-in into each section by working up to the roots from the ends. If it’s a spray, spray starting at the ends and move up to the roots.
  • Smooth the product into your curls. Don’t pull or tug on hair as you work your product into it.
  • If you want loser curls, apply the leave-in in a downward motion, gently smoothing it in with your hands, section by section and from root to ends.
  • Take time to distribute the product well and coat each section of hair equally with the product.

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