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 The Celine Claire Master Keratin System is a innovative Keratin treatment, that works to repair the damage on your hair, replacing the protein that your strands have lost due to chemical treatments, heat styling, and other damaging conditions you have exposed your tresses to. It rebuilds the damaged areas, adds shine, and eliminates frizz so your hair becomes more beautiful and easier to manage.

 Try our new Keratin Treatment which does wonders to your hair, offering a wide range of benefits like adding moisture to the strands that help make them soft and smooth and making your tresses strong, shiny, and free from frizz. You can maximize the benefits of a keratin treatment by using The Celine Claire Purifying Keratin Shampoo before the treatment. For daily use try the gentle but effective Celine Claire daily Shampoo. This is perfect for daily hair washing between your Keratin Treatments.

If you’re going to try an actual keratin treatment, make sure to try this fantastic product. Made with the highest-grade Keratin complex which penetrates your hair up to 10 layers deep. This treatment mask also gives your hair the benefits six months’ worth of salon visits in one process. The result is beautiful and healthy hair that looks and feels soft, shiny, and smooth.

How to Use Keratin Treatment at the Salon

This product was design by hair care professionals for haircare professionals. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you use the Celine Claire Master Keratin System treatment so you can give your customer’s hair a major boost.

  1. Shampoo the Hair with the Keratin Purifying Shampoo. Gently massage your clients scalp with your fingertips when shampooing their hair. Wash hair with the Celine Claire Purifying Keratin Shampoo for complimentary ingredient benefits. It was specifically designed to work with the Celine Claire Master System. The purifying Shampoo work to detangle your hair, tames flyaways, provides heat protection, has an anti-frizz and anti-humidity formulation, and leaves a long-lasting fragrance on your hair.

 If your client has straight hair, wash twice; if they have extremely curly hair, add at least one more wash. DO NOT use a conditioner. Also, make sure the hair is thoroughly rinsed from all product.

  1. Massage the treatment onto the client’s hair. Coat their strands with the keratin treatment, starting from the tips going up. Stop at one inch from the scalp. Gently massage their hair with the product.
  1. Leave the treatment on your client’s hair for 30 minutes. Combing the hair helps distribute the keratin treatment evenly.
  2. Rinse your client’s hair after the keratin treatment has been absorbed by the hair. Rinse thoroughly to make sure there’s no product buildup left on their hair as this may cause dandruff.
  1. Blow dry and style your client’s hair. Once completely dry, separate hair into small sections and lock the keratin in by applying a straightening heat tool to each section thoroughly. Straighten the hair one small section at a time so the heat is applied evenly.

Once the procedure is finished your client must keep the hair dry—make sure they wait for 48 hours before washing. This gives the keratin treatment more time to seep into the hair and work its magic. Make sure they don’t tuck your hair behind their ears or tie it. Just keep it down and straight.  For weekly maintenance suggest that they wash with the Daily Keratin shampoo and Conditioner. For the best Post- Keratin Hair Treatment management use the Celine Claire Daily Keratin Shampoo Bottle. This product is effective to keeping your hair smooth between treatments.

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Celine Claire - CCK2 KERATIN - 500 ML