CCK4 Daily Keratin Conditioner - 500 ml

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Celine Claire Master Daily Conditioner

The Celine Claire Master Daily Conditioner is the perfect solution to moisturize your chemically processed hair. This star product is infused with Argan oil, Keratin, and Vitamin E to make hair soft and flexible. This conditioner utilizes the Keratin Complex proteins to temporarily bind split ends, make hair appear smooth and to make hair feel fuller. Dry, damaged hair can be static because it has a negative charge. Conditioning ingredients have a positive charge, so they cling to hair and make it less static. When selecting a conditioner, it’s most important to pick the right kind for your hair and skin type. This product is perfect for all skin types. It was specially designed to be used Post- Salon Keratin Treatment. Do not lose your money’s worth by using the wrong products are your expensive Keratin Treatments. By using the Celine Master Keratin Daily Condition your hair will appear smooth and frizz free for longer in-between salon visits. 

Key Benefits

- Strengthens hair
- Renews softness, manageability, and shine
- Provides extraordinary color protection

How to apply the Celine Master Keratin Daily Conditioner

Follow these steps to condition your hair:

  1. Wash your hair in the shower. Rinse out all shampoo.
  2. Use the amount of conditioner recommended on the bottle (usually about the size of a quarter).
  3. Spread it evenly on the ends of your hair. For long hair, spread it from chin level and down. Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp.
  4. Run your fingers or a wide-tooth comb through the ends of your hair to work in the conditioner.
  5. Let it stay on your hair for a moment, following instructions on the label. This is typically 1 minute.
  6. Thoroughly rinse off the conditioner.

The Celine Master Keratin Daily Conditioner a is a rich creamy, restorative conditioner that strengthens dull, coarse, brittle, or very dry, color-treated hair and renews shine. This conditioner can be used for straight, wavy, curly, and coily. It can be used on fine, medium, and thick hair. If you have any concerns with dryness and need a product that will increase shine. This product is the one for you. This conditioner is safe to use on coloured hair. Try the Celine Master Keratin System today!

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Celine Claire - CCK4 Daily Keratin Conditioner - 500 ml