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Celine Claire Enhancement Shampoo

 Do you suffer from hair loss? Hair loss can effect both men and women. It can range from “androgenetic, or hormone-related hair loss, stress related-hair loss, also called telogen effluvium, and dandruff. Medications, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid disorders, excess styling, and autoimmune disorders can also cause hair loss and thinning. But there is  good news – Celine Claire has their Enhancement Shampoo that was created as nature and viable solutions to naturally encourage growth treatments.

When it comes to a hair growth shampoo, you have two options: prescriptions or natural products. Prescription shampoos like ketoconazole are “anti-androgenetic,” which means they prevent two hormones associated with hair loss—testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from metabolizing. These products can be harsh on the body and on the hair. The best choice is to choose a natural product like the Celine Claire Enhancement Shampoo. This product contains amino acids and antioxidants that work to provide the components to rebuild hair as well as reduce damage and inflammation.

This product is designed to naturally help with hair loss. This shampoo is gentle enough to be used daily and helps to promote growth and strengthening of hair. This product also works on the scalp to ensure that the hair has a good base to continuously be healthy. This formula includes antioxidants like vitamin E and ginseng, amino acids, and B-vitamins to help rebuild hair and reduce environmental damage. This shampoo is formulated without harsh surfactants, which can irritate hair and reduce moisture. This product is aimed to correct three of the main causes of hair loss: breakage, lack of thickness, and lack of root- or scalp-stimulation. It can be used with coloured and chemically treated hair.

 If you are concerned your thinning hair, you can start to fix it now with the Enhancement Shampoo. Pick this product and ensure that your hair grows strong, healthy, and dense as possible. The ginseng extract encourages blood flow with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants, in addition to minimizing breakage with barriers like Vitamin E which also will help your scalp health—and your hair length, too.

 Whether you’re seeking to clear the scalp of sebum to stimulate hair follicles, improve the overall strength of each strand to reach Rapunzel length, or all the above, you're in luck with the Celine Claire Enhancement Shampoo.

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Celine Claire - Hair Enhancement Shampoo - 300 ml

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