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Purple shampoo is color theory at its simplest: The temporary hue makes all types of light and blonde hair look like they are fresh-from-the-salon. Celine Claire has a new purple shampoo that will transform your yellow, brassy blonde tones into a beautiful shade of blonde again. Whether you've gone platinum or just want to brighten up your natural hue, this purple shampoo stop brassiness and revive your shade with just one wash. Stop searching this is the perfect purple formula for you!

The secret is that the ultra-violet pigments neutralizers will keep hair from looking brassy or too yellow. This product is perfect for any hair texture and type of blonde. Use this to correct any already existing brassy tones or to brighten bleached, platinum, or silver hair. It gently cleanses and revitalizes hair to give you the most vibrant blonde. 

This highly pigmented purple shampoo keeps blonde and silver shades and highlights looking their brightest and keeps brassiness at bay. This product has more ultra-violet pigments than ordinary purple shampoos. It is effective in getting the shade of blonde you like without too many trips to the salon. It doesn't get much better than that. 

 The Celine Claire Silver Shampoo is good for your blonde locks with its specially formulated, violet pigments to neutralize unwanted yellow and brassy tones, this is especially good for the environment as well. Its formula is vegan, cruelty-, and gluten-free and it comes in recyclable packaging as an added bonus. This hair shampoo is trusted by Salon Professionals, it helps to maintain a salon-fresh colour for longer. Say goodbye to brassiness with Celine Claire Silver Shampoo!

 How To Use Our Purple Shampoo

 Step 1: Always Wear Gloves 

The violet pigments in purple shampoo can sometimes stain the hands, so we always recommend wearing gloves when applying it.  

 Step 2: Apply and Lather 

 Ready to use your purple shampoo? Dispense into your palms, then rub your hands together before applying onto the hair. Massage in from root to tip, lathering the shampoo as you go. Focus on the areas that are particularly brassy to knock out those unwanted yellow tones. If you’re using purple shampoo on highlights, try to focus mainly on the blonde streaks. 

Step 3: Don’t Rinse Immediately  

 Unlike traditional hair shampoos, purple shampoo shouldn’t be rinsed immediately. How long you leave purple shampoo on depends on the effect you’re after rinse after 1 minute for a subtle toning effect or leave on for 5 minutes for more intense results.  

Step 4: Follow Up with Celine Claire Conditioner 

 You should always apply conditioner after shampooing your hair. It not only locks in hydration, strengthens and repairs, but it further tones the hair too. Use any of the Celine Claire Conditioners to achieve beautiful hair.

 How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoo?

 This is a more intense purple shampoo, which has salon-strength micro-pigments to instantly transform even the most stubborn brassy tones into cooler, brighter blonde. This shampoo should only be used once a week. 

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Celine Claire - Silver Shampoo - 300 ml

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